Short Games

Inspiration in your pocket

Do you wish to have ideas for meaningful games that you can easily play any time you get bored? We have compiled an e-book for you!

Grow Trails' Little Getaway GAMES

This e-book contains six simple games that you can easily set up and play with your family or friends anytime.

What people said about it...

I recommend this material to everyone who likes fun! The added value definitely is that in some games you can learn something about yourself, but also about your teammates, even if they are your friends or family. A great example is the game of Unknotting, where you try to cooperate, and the game Walk of Trust that tests your mutual trust. So don't wait for anything anymore and try it out for yourself, you will definitely not be bored!
Bára Slámová
The games grabbed my attention because they can be played practically anywhere with a minimum of other aids and with children or adults. Despite the fact that I know some of them, I was interested in tips on ways to make them more difficult and thus even more attractive. I liked the Listening minute the most, because it teaches us in a playful way how to hear out others and how to truly listen to each other. I think that today this is one of the important skills that can help us in life a lot.
I have found some inspiring tips in the e-book Little Getaway Games. It’s full of great ideas for little as well as big players on how to spend some quality time with your friends and family. I can only recomend it! Especially to those, who like to play and learn at the same time.
Katka Brühlová
The ebook is a playful guide to brighten up ordinary days, holidays or evenings with friends. The games are designed in a very simple manner, yet with an interesting execution. In the case of the Walk of Trust or the Listening Miinute, one may even experience multiple revelations. You will definitely not be bored with this ebook.
Vlaďka Z.