Test your reasoning, trick your mind, experience adventure and discover more about yourself in the era of information overload.

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Have a go and experiment, just like a kid, without a fear of being judged.


Become the one who always pulls out fascinating mind facts and hacks.


Spend quality time with friends or fellow students while playing a game.

How does it work?


Outdoor treasure hunts

Players are navigated by a mobile app along a trail outdoors. Throughout the adventure, they find quests that must be fulfilled before the app tells them where to go next.

Challenge your reasoning

Do you have what it takes to become a secret agent? Discover common reasoning pitfalls and surprising ways in which our mind can mislead us.

Each game sets out an adventurous (but friendly ;)) story in which players test their cognitive biases and reasoning, with the goal to promote skills needed in the current era of information overload.

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Level up your cognitive superpowers

Technology, AI, social media, versus productive learning and wellbeing.

How do we tend to consume information nowadays and what makes social media so irresistible? What are some biases that the technology can exploit against us? What do we choose to believe? And how to be smart about it?

Harness game learnings into clearer thinking and better decision making in your everyday life.

Trail in a nutshell


✔️ 50 mins outdoor game for teams of 2-4 players, ages 14+.

✔️ Pick which topic around information overload or clear thinking you want to learn about

✔️ Team will be navigated through the adventure by a phone app.

✔️ During the adventure, you learn about the topic you chose via interactive puzzles, experiments, personal reflection and discussions with your teammates.

✔️ After the game, access to follow-up materials or workshop on aspects of information overload

Our previous agents say...

"It was an insightful and useful way to learn about your relationship with the internet."​
Year 7 Gymnasium student
"Great exercise for both your legs and brain."​
Year 7 Gymnasium student
"Some fun but generally very interesting. It is important to understand what AI and algorithms can do. Therefore this lesson was very useful."​
Year 6 Gymnasium student
"It was very fun, I actually really liked it."​
Year 6 Gymnasium student
"It was an interesting experience because we have never done anything like this before."
Year 7 Gymnasium student
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Pick a trail you want to play

Who can play?


We set up a trail directly at your school campus and come to run the game with your students.

Students play a 50-minute outdoors game. This is followed by a 50-minute workshop in which the students reflect on the game and discuss topics related to information overload and critical thinking.

To book a game for your school, contact us at
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Are you no longer a student or just want to try out a trail in a small group of friends? 

Selected trails will soon be available across parks in Austria.

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