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Games that go deep

We create treasure hunt trails for adults who enjoy solving playful challenges and unconventional puzzles, and who are curious to delve into the mysteries of human mind and the world around us.  Some trails revolve around positive or behavioural psychology, others explore popular topics from quantitative sciences like math or computer science.

Are you ready to experiment, get curious and play? Whether for just fun or to find a deeper meaning, we invite you to Grow Trails!

Grow Trails

Each trail consists of a sequence of tasks built around a given topic: a series of interactive puzzles, experiments, personal reflection and discussions with your teammates.

Science behind it

While making each trail interactive and fun, we strive to ensure that each topic is also backed up from a relevant scientific viewpoint. We aim to illustrate how science and professional tips can be relevant to our very own life.

About the project

Being a scientist and an educator, I have started this platform to share meaningful games with all those who enjoy active leisure time, solving puzzles, experimenting and thinking in wider context about intricacies of the world around us.