Trail #1

The Growth Mindset and Fear of Failure

Do you have dreams that you keep postponing? What is it that tends to stop us from pursuing our dreams right now? And what, on the other hand, can keep us on the path towards our goals when  challenges arise?

Explore the two types of mindset — the growth and the fixed mindset — that capture the differences that describe how different people tend to react to challenges, criticism or to failing; and what success means to either of them. We will explain why one of the groups eventually tends to achieve higher and live a life they imagined. Learn how the way we think about our abilities can shape who we become.

Trail #2

Five Steps Towards Long-term Wellbeing

Why do some people feel happier and flourish more than others, even though external conditions of their lives seem comparable? What habits do happy people have that the rest of population could learn from?

In a series of interactive quests, the trail will take you through fun games and self-reflection. You will explore five practical tips from positive psychology that anyone can instantly implement in order to make our life better: connect, give, learn, take notice and move.

Trail #3

How Rational Are You, Really?

Do you think you are able to reason rationally whenever you want to? Check your decisions against some logical puzzles and model situations. And is rationality actually always desired in human interactions? Can it be compatible with emotions? Finally, how do economists and mathematicians model human decision making, is it at all predictable?

Explore these and other questions related to human rationality via the trail quests.

Trail #4

The Secret Communication Agent

Imagine you want to share a secret with a friend but the only possibility you have is in a crowded room. Anything you say, write or otherwise communicate to your friend will also be overheard by strangers in the room and they will understand it equally well as you friend (e.g., if you speak a foreign language or any type of code, both your friend and the strangers will understand it equally well). Yet after a short conversation, you and your friend establish a secret that none of the strangers knows. How did you do it?

Learn this and other tricks related to private and public communication. Not only you will be able to compete with your teammates to crack secret codes to open treasure chests during the game, but you will also get to learn about how secure communication over the internet is ensured.

Each trail consists of a sequence of tasks around a given topic. You receive an e-book with all the rules and materials needed for the game that you should print out. Other materials that may be needed include a device with an internet access and some basic stationary.

It’s up to you to decide when and where you want to play: the e-book contains tips on how to turn the trail to an outdoor adventure (recommended!) but it can also be played indoors.

Reserve up to three hours of time to play. You can play the trail in a team of up to six people. The e-book will guide you through the game.


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